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Create Your First Beautiful Birthday Animation Website

Free Beautiful Birthday Animation Website
Beautiful Birthday Animation Website. (Image Source

Hello World! Are you looking for a birthday template for give someone surprises? You are in the right place especially if you are a tech lover person. 

Before I describe more about it, please check this demo website: 

If you like demo websites "animation design" then stay with me and read the article carefully. This template made with latest bootstrap5 with custom JavaScript. We choose blogger ( which is a google product. We choose blogger platform because it's secure, easy to handle and completely free. If you don't know how to create blogger blog website then you may see my last blog post "Create Blogger Template From Scratch - Just In Two Minutes" also you can search on google or YouTube as well.

Let's start! At first download these beautiful happy birthday animation design blogger template from my github repositories. If this github link does not work then direct download it from my google drive account by clicking here

Now what to do next? Pretty simple. Just update this "Happy Birthday Animation Blogger Theme.xml" template file to your blogger theme section. I've already shared basic instructions about how to update blogspot theme. If you did not read my last post then a simple trick here, follow this steps:

Follow Instructions:

Now simply go to your own blog link and add ?name="TARGET NAME" ended on your blog address

For example: NAME

If you want to customize something inside this theme, then just open these "Happy Birthday Animation Blogger Theme.xml" template file on your favorite text editor apps and then press CTRL+F and search what you are looking for change/customize inside this template. I think everyone can do this so I don't want to make too long this articles. If you can't edit/customize this template then comment below, I'll edit this theme for you. Also in future I'll try to make more dynamic this template so anyone can changes template settings.

And if you want any help then please create issues on this github repository:

Make Your Own Happy Birthday Animation Website Free

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