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Sponsored Post Agreement

Anyone can submit technology and education related posts on our website without any cost. We only accept sponsored posts that fit on our single category “reviews.” 
  1. Purchase of sponsored content is a service provided by ANSNEW TECH.
  2. We avoid sponsored posts that are misleading or inaccurate. 
  3. We disclose a sponsored posts using a sponsored tag. 
  4. Payments are made in advance. Once a sponsored post is published, no refunds will be given once service is provided. Late payment fee will apply.
  5. No changes can requested to the article once live.
  6. We can add internal links / authority links and affiliate links of partners to support the page performance.

Submission Terms And Conditions

  • I understand and acknowledge that Company’s general policy is to not accept submissions or pitches of any kind unless the person or entity submitting and/or pitching material for Company’s consideration has agreed to these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Article is not defamatory, does not infringe the copyrights, trademarks, rights of privacy or publicity, or other rights of any other person or entity, and does not contravene any other law, obligation, or regulation;
  • The Article does not disclose information that I have promised to keep confidential;
  • I am free to execute this Agreement and I have made no agreements, grants, assignments, grants, assignments or commitments which will conflict with or impair the rights and privileges granted to Company.
  • I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Company from and against any and all claims, expenses or liabilities, now known or unknown, that may be asserted against Company or incurred by Company at any time in connection with the Article or any use thereof, including, without limitation, those arising from any breach or alleged breach of representations and warranties given by me.
If you are interested then let us know.

Email: needyamin@ansnew.com

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